Temperate is a water temperature between 15-25 degrees, so in most homes this is the average room temperature. So temperate set-ups do not need a heater included, as long as the temperature stays between 15-25 degrees naturally. Some fish species and plants can thrive in both tropical and temperate environments. These set-ups will need to be similar to your standard tropical set up, with good filtration and lighting. Please note that temperate is not the same as cold water.
Most plants will do well in a temperate environment; however you may see a decrease in growth during the colder months. Here are some species we would recommend and have available to purchase, Java mossJava Fern and Anubias.

There are surprisingly quite a few temperate fish species, all of these species can thrive in a temperate or tropical environment. We have loads to choose from in our stock list, including Zebra Danio , Leopard DanioPearl Danio White Cloud Mountain MinnowBorneo Sucking Loach – just ask us if you are unsure!