Aquarium filtration is the most important aspect of a healthy, thriving aquarium! It’s the life support system which not only keeps your fish alive but also keeps your aquarium looking fresh and healthy. After all, nobody likes a dirty tank!
The three main components of a successful filtration system are –

  • Biological filtration
  • Chemical Filtration
  • Mechanical Filtration
What is Biological filtration? 
Biological filtration refers to the biological cycle which resides within your filter! This is colonies of bacteria which grow, thrive and spread in your system, eating and converting toxic elements which can be found in your aquarium from various sources. Most fish keepers are more than aware of the feared Nitrogen cycle!
Made up of 3 main elements which are –

  • Ammonia (NH3)
  • Nitrite (NO2)
  • Nitrate (NO3)
The cycle refers to the action of bacteria in the tank breaking down dangerous ammonia and converting it into nitrites followed by converting the nitrites to the less toxic nitrates. Optimum water testing would be –

  • 0ppm Ammonia
  • 0ppm Nitrite
  • 10ppm or fewer Nitrates.
What is Chemical filtration? 
Chemical filtration refers to the use of chemical and elemental supplements or additives to control certain aspects of your aquarium. The most common example of this is the use of Carbon which acts as an absorbent, controlling odours and discolouration of the water in your aquarium.
Other aspects of chemical filtration are using a de-chlorinator (water conditioner), a bacterial supplement and chemical controls such as phosphate removers.
Chemical filtration plays a vital role and should be used where possible!
What is Mechanical filtration? 
Mechanical filtration is the use of sponge, filter foam and particle traps. This is the type of filtration which directly affects the clarity of your aquarium/pond. The filter foam, sponges and particle traps are there to capture any free flowing particles which may cloud or cover your aquarium. The finer the sponge, the smaller the particle it can trap.
Having a multitude of different foams with different levels of coarseness can majorly help with providing a particle free, clear water aquarium, allowing a view of your fish in HD!
Regular filter maintenance will prevent any unwanted build ups and no unwanted debris in your aquarium!