An air stone is a piece of porous rock, coming in several different shapes and sizes. The main purpose of an air-stone is to connect to an air pump using airline. The air is forced through small holes in the rock, causing the air to be compressed into tiny, fine bubbles. This allows the air to dissipate much easier into the water, allowing your aquarium life to breathe easy & freely!
Whilst the main purpose of an air stone is functional, they are also commonly used for aesthetic reasons, attached to bubble ornaments and sometimes even placed in and under rocks to create bubbles!
So what are the benefits of having an air-stone in your aquarium?
  • Allow oxygen to be absorbed into the water column much easier, allowing your fish to breathe freely!
  • They can be used to prevent dead spots (areas where dirt/debris build up) in hard to reach corners of the aquarium
  • They cause water surface movement
  • They can be used to create beautiful design pieces within your aquarium
  • Promotes healthy, clean aquarium for your fishy friends!