Whilst LED Lights have an extremely long lamp life in comparison to incandescent and fluorescent lights, unfortunately they are not immortal. LEDs will slowly fade over time.

However, LEDs can wear out much faster if they are not installed or maintained properly.

To get the optimum performance from your LED lighting, follow the instructions or installation information carefully, in addition to the guidance below:

  • Don't get your LED lights wet - LEDs are not designed to submerged and used underwater, even if an LED is water resistant or water proof. Too much water contact will damage the LED circuit board and corrade your hardware.
  • Keep LEDs clear from metal halides, T5 and fluorescents lighting - positioning them too close to other lights (especially metal halides) can dramatically reduce their lifespan.
  • Keep your lights clear of salt creep or mineral deposits on the lighting strips - these can lead to damage and corrosion to the heat sink and LEDs.