All Pond Solutions guarantee all fish that leave us with a “Healthy Arrival” guarantee.  Should a fish arrive deceased, we will issue a credit coupon up to the value of the fish purchased.

Peaceful and community stock are guaranteed with a 5 day guarantee. In the event a fish dies within this time frame we will issue a coupon to be used on your next order once evidence has been provided.

Cichlids or aggressive fish are only guaranteed under the “Healthy Arrival” guarantee due to the boisterous nature of these species.

  Guarantee Claims  
For all Guarantee claims we will require photographic evidence of the deceased livestock on a plain sheet of paper. Fish are guaranteed until close of business on the 5th day. Any emails received after 5th day will not be accepted.

If you would like to view our full Terms & Conditions regarding livestock, you may view these here under Section 17 entitled 'LIVESTOCK T&C's'.